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About Us

Alleluia Print Services – was started in the year 1992 by a small team of people. It’s first operations began in a car garage with no name board or advertisements.

But, by the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ, it began to grow up to be one of the best printing companies in the city handling all the corporate business customers of the city and slowly began to cover corporate clients in some of the major cities in the country and abroad.

In 1994, we had received some print orders for printing of books from a christian publishing company in India. The peace, happiness and job satisfaction was greater for the printing of christian books compared to printing of huge commercial print jobs.

So, from 1994 onwards, we began to focus printing of christian literature. There was a new board of directors & partners formed who were united in this good venture.

By the grace of God, we have printed millions of booklets and books in over 20+ languages and have been shipping them in containers – full load and part loads and through all means of transport available to almost all the corners of the world during these past years.

We continue to put our hope and trust in Lord Jesus for His guidance and blessings and not in any man, power, business entity, company or organisation.

“The blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ makes one rich and he adds no sorrow with it.”   – Prov. 10:22.

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